5 Things Every Young Pastor/Leader Should Live By

People ask me all the time "How did you get to where you are?" or "What advice would you offer to someone young pursuing full time ministry?" I've been asked so many times that I decided to share publicly. Here are 5 NON NEGOTIABLE principles that my family and I do ministry with below! Hope this helps you on your journey towards destiny.


1. Full Obedience: Didn't matter if the church/city was big or small, We obeyed God in every season. From 30 members in Ft Worth, to 2500 members in Dallas, 600 members in Upstate NY, or 300 members in Orlando. Our heart has always been to obey God!


2. Family First: My wife and children have and will always be my FIRST MINISTRY! Making them happy and keeping them healthy has always been a greater priority to me than any ministry that I have had the privilege of overseeing! 


3. Humility: Because my wife and I both come from such extreme dysfunctional childhoods. We use the pain of our past as fuel towards our future. Our past also keeps us very humble because we are fully persuaded that if it had not been for the Lord that was on our side, we would be nothing. I have a personal motto that I live by, "Stay humble, Stay hungry"!


4. Honor, Honor, Honor: This might be the most important thing on the entire list! The people that God has allowed to pour into my life receive my respect, my love, and most importantly, honor! I have quickly learned in life that honor is the currency paid for elevation and promotion. I have never allowed myself to become common with any leader, mentor, or pastor that God has ever placed in my life to pour into me! 


5. Unique: This has been the hardest thing for me. Remaining true to the unique individual that God has crafted me to be in ministry. For years I would mimic my mentors and try to do ministry in the style in which they did it in. I quickly learned that there could only be one Dr. Chris Hill and one Bishop TD Jakes. So I was forced to be Onterio Green and I found out that when I operate in the highest and greatest expression of my own self, the unique approach that God has placed in my heart to do ministry is extremely effective! 


Practicing these 5 principles has truly protected my family, my anointing, my relationships, and my calling to do ministry! Do a self examination to see if maybe implementing any of these can help you pursue purpose better!