Confirmed Guest Coaches:

Chris Durso

Keion Henderson


Squad Options

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements?

A: Applicant must be a Millennial Leader or Pastor serving in a church or organization.

Will I get to talk to Pastor Onterio Green?

A: Yes, once you are accepted into the program on the Gold or Silver Squads, you will have a set number of times to speak directly with Pastor Onterio Green.

I’m a Potter’s House Church member; can I join the Millennial Insight PLATOON Coaching Program with Pastor Onterio Green?

A: This program is not accepting Potter’s House members because it’s established from Pastor Onterio Green’s personal ministry platform and catered towards Millennial leaders across the country that can not be apart of what he is doing at The Potter’s House. Thank you for your interest and we urge you register for IP&L, in which Pastor Onterio Green will be speaking to Millennial Leaders, Megafest, and or Project Gideon (Bishop TD Jakes’ mentoring program for leaders under 40). We also urge you to come to Brickhouse young adult ministry every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.  

How will the coaching sessions be done?

1a. Most of the coaching sessions will be done monthly via tele-conference or video-conference.

1b. One on one coaching will be done according to the Coaching Squad you select. There will be 3 different options to choose from.

I live in another country, can I still be in the coaching program?

A: Yes, you will need to have high speed internet that will allow you to be involved in the group sessions. You will also be required to have the 'What’s App' for your calls with Pastor Onterio Green, if you are on the Silver or Gold Squads.

Will my registration for the 2-day coaching boot camp in Dallas, Texas be covered in my MIC Program fee?

A: Registration for boot camp will only be covered for the Silver and Gold Squads and an additional fee of $150 for the Bronze Squad.

Will there be any required reading for the program?

A: Yes, You will receive the list of books once you join the coaching program.

Will we have to purchase our reading material i.e. books?

A: Yes, but you will, as a client, receive Pastor Onterio’s Book, “The CEO Principle”, for FREE! It will be one of the required reading books.

Is there a Spousal Discount?

A: Yes, spouses will receive a 75% discounted rate on each squad level and expected to be coached at the same time as their spouse. 

Will there be any breaks during the year?

A: Yes, Pastor Onterio Green will have 1 Summer break and 1 Winter break, which will be made up within the month.